11072002_989608367725141_426851992822041643_nEl Dorado County Democratic Central Committee




Carpenters Union, Local unit 1789


“Former Councilman Ted Long is asking the voters for another turn on the dais after several years as a private citizen. Long is a smart guy with the ability to understand and analyze an issue from all sides with all its complexities and nuances. In addition, he has served on the planning commission, was foreman of the El Dorado County Grand Jury, and as an attorney has represented the poor and stood up to prosecutorial abuse. He has also been active in the Tahoe Art League, volunteered for the El Dorado Food Bank and served on the Latino Affairs Commission, brining him in contact with a sizable, but largely invisible, segment of the community.

When Long first ran for council, he earned the Mountain News endorsement.”

— Mountain News, 2016